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  • Kusmaryani, Woro; Ramli (Perkumpulan Rumah Cemerlang Indonesia, 2023)
  • Maulana, Zulkifli; Hamzah, M. Nur Mustakim; Kusuma, Muh. Wahyu; Faikatushalihat, Faikatushalihat (Assoc. Advancement Zoology, 2023-11)
    This research aims to analyze the factors that influence the demand and supply of chicken eggs in South Sulawesi. The research method used was a literature study with data sourced from Central Statistics Agency data ...
  • Maulana, Zulkifli; Rahayu, Sri; Febriana, Andi Risna; Ismail, Apriani (Assoc. Advancement Zoology, 2023-11)
    The development of dairy cattle in Enrekang Regency is very rapid and is used as a commodity in the region. Therefore, this study aims to determine and analyze the development of dairy cattle commodities as a support ...
  • Sirajuddin, Sitti Nurani; Maulana, Zulkifli (Migration Letters & The London Publishers, 2023-11)
    The increase in population and the improvement of the Indonesian people's welfare have driven the food demand rate, which tends to continue to increase. The level of consumption of animal foods such as meat, eggs and ...
  • Maulana, Zulkifli; Muhibuddin, Andi; Fitriyah, Andi Tenri; Rachmawaty, Rachmawaty; Saleh, Haeruddin; Karim, Abdul (Chinese Society of Agricultural Machinery, 2023-11-30)
    Soybean cultivation can increase its production by providing methanol and groundwater. This research aims to analyze the application of methanol, soil water content, and the interaction between methanol and soil water ...

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